ZU Audio


Zu is distinguished as a manufacturer with innovative design and engineering, with one of the most successful direct to consumer sales programs in the audio/hi-fi industry.

Zu incorporated in 2000 with an overarching objective of re-establishing the relevance of ‘made in the USA’ to high-value, affordable, high-efficiency music systems for regular consumers without bottomless wallets. As a brand, Zu personifies this approach in product and by stripping back orthodox distribution channels to the bare minimum and so more closely engaging the consumer; because the closer you are to Zu the closer you are to the music. 

Zu Audio brings lifelike sound back into the living rooms and lives of regular homes and people. The ‘Zu sound’ is compelling, bold, efficient, dynamic, real and gives upfront blood and guts veracity to playback. Our architectural designs and endless finishes are as nice as the sound and when combined with our innovative and efficient U.S. manufacturing you get reasonably priced state-of-the-art audio products that working-class music lovers can afford.



Zu Audio products are designed and manufactured by us—this is important to us and we think it should be to you. Better built, better performance and since they are built in our own “back yard” we are constantly striving to reduce waste and minimize pollutants—yes, poor design and poor build are pollutants. And so you can know for yourself in your own home with your own gear we offer the best trial experience anywhere complete with a liberal 60-day return policy.

Since the beginning Zu has been an engineering-driven research, development and manufacturing company direct marketing innovative and compelling audio products at prices that reflect cross-industry value-visible relationships. This positions Zu to directly compete for discretionary dollars from non-audio products and moves Zu much closer to the mainstream consumer economies, as well as participating in reflating and expanding the hi-fi market. Zu was and still is an American brand with all products manufactured in the United States of America.

Zu products perform, offer sincere value and are priced to reflect genuine economics and not arbitrary whims—and they look as good as they sound. With Zu, voices sound human, instruments are genuine, impact and resolution of musical details are consistent from extended treble through deep bass. Zu is about maximal tone, texture, stereo, and dynamic realism. Performers and sounds are as recorded, and captured color and shading is unmasked and recordings becomes alive and compelling. How? We design by ear first, using tests and measure to assist, not govern our sensation of tone. Against the grain, surprisingly. And to keep our creative edge and quality of build Zu products are designed and manufactured in our home town of Ogden, Utah.

Boiled down Zu Audio designs are based on experience, applied physics, common sense, and attentive listening to all forms of music and sounds—real and sometimes recorded. Our efforts to make playback fun and accessible are achieved in our loudspeaker, cable, turntable and other hi-fi home audio products, which use original concepts and engineering to restore aliveness and realistic fidelity to playback.

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