Role Audio Loudspeakers

SINCE 1999

"The small size, magnetic shielding, easy interface, easy interfacing requirements (amp/cable) and flexibility of placement make it a dream for the audiophile with "lifestyle"-type applications." 
Marc Yun issue #154, Bound for Sound

We manufacture audiophile lifestyle loudspeakers for the rhythms of life

From the inception of Role Audio in 1999, our goal has been to manufacture small loudspeakers that deliver the performance of large loudspeakers in the smallest possible designs. Based on our vision of what the 21st Century loudspeaker should be, we set out to use the latest technology and the least amount of drivers, crossover parts, and materials to deliver big speaker performance in the smallest possible cabinet designs.

In our era, advanced technology has allowed the production of high quality "pocketable" consumer electronics that deliver high levels of performance and ease of use, but, in general, loudspeaker design has not followed suit. We are at the forefront of designing and manufacturing loudspeakers that deliver large speaker performance in the smallest and most environmentally friendly, and health friendly, designs.


Role Audio Windjammer

Measuring only 5 inches wide by 40 inches high by 6 inches deep, the Windjammer is a potent loudspeaker that is designed to play in small to large rooms.

 "...they "image like lasers."
(Doug Schnider,

The Windjammer's innovative transmission line design and high quality elements allows it to play undistorted room shaking party music or smooth, lush background music. It throws a wide and high soundstage that will envelope you in the emotion and realism of the original performance.

Its bass response is riveting, and its reproduction of the stereophonic soundstage and its imaging are among the best you will ever hear, regardless of price. Its integration and speed has been described as electrostatic.
One listen to the Windjammer and you will hear performance that is hard to beat at any price.

Its' svelte, attractive, design will complement any decor. And as the reviewers confirm, unlike many audiophile loudspeakers, they will play very well when placed very close to a back wall or even when placed quite far apart. Their design allows you ease of placement to deliver great sound where you want it.