Handcrafted Masterpieces. 


Each Bespoke Audio preamplifier is made for the customer to their individual requirements. Bespoke Audio builds preamplifiers using custom in-house wound multi-tapped and shielded attenuation transformers, built to your specifications to match the gain structure of your system, should you so wish. The same applies to the number and type of inputs and outputs, the choice of wiring (Jupiter Condenser Company case wire as standard) whether you want a remote control, and, of course, colour scheme.

The Bespoke Audio Co. are all about choices and craftsmanship. The choices are yours to make, craftsmanship goes to Harry O’Sullivan and Lucy Gastall. The result of their fine handiwork is a custom-tailored passive preamp. Each one is made according to the customer’s needs and desires. It takes Harry and Lucy about five weeks to get one laid out, built and tested. We captured a few of the clever tools they use like the 3D-printed model that aids in configuring the input selector loom to all the inputs at the back. Another tool aligns all casing parts for a stunning fit and finish. In total there are 442 parts, 3 inches of mu-metal lamination, 7.5kg of case work, 55 metres of hookup wire, 1.5 metres of heat shrink, 200 grams of beeswax and no less than 1.6km of transformer winding wire. This is just the material list. The exact specifications for the attenuation transformers are the results of interactions between company and customer. In general the attenuation scale sports 46 discrete steps of 1.5dB over a range of 67.5dB. Next to electronic customization, Bespoke also offer a wide range of finishes and we show some of those plus of course Lucy with her trusted transformer winding machine.